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Training for professionals, enabling you to safely support parents and families through pregnancy loss or the death of their baby

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Experienced and evidence based

More than 40 years ago Sands was established by two bereaved mothers who were determined to save babies’ lives and improve support for bereaved families

Since then the charity has evolved a great deal but these two core aims remain at the heart of our work. Listening to and learning from parents is a valuable and rare learning opportunity, which is why all our training events include the voice of bereaved parents.


Over the years we have gathered evidence from parents, health professionals and researchers on how to safely support families when a baby dies and what can be done to save babies lives in the future. With this evidence we’ve created a package of training and tools to help professionals offer the best possible care and support.


Sands training is fully accredited and available across the UK. Our training is delivered by specialist facilitators and the resources are regularly updated to reflect emerging research, new guidelines and evolving clinical practice.

Why training matters


Baby loss is life changing

No level of care can remove parent’s pain and grief however high quality care can have a huge impact on their wellbeing, in the short-term and for the rest of their lives. Training offers the opportunity to learn how to offer safe, effective care when a baby dies.


Bereavement can be professionally challenging

It is common to feel unprepared and daunted when it comes to bereavement care, this is where training can help. Specialist training helps boost confidence and skills enabling professionals to provide excellent care whilst also looking after their own wellbeing.


Help save babies' lives

Maternity safety guidelines continually evolve as new data and research emerge, our training helps busy healthcare professionals stay abreast of new developments and offers the opportunity to reflect on areas for improvements in practice.


Bereavement impacts the workplace

When workplaces acknowledge and empower bereaved colleagues their mental and physical wellbeing is improved. Our Training can help you support bereaved colleagues so that they can thrive at work even as they live with their grief.


Continual professional development

Regulatory bodies across the UK promote training and continual professional development to ensure staff are equipped to practice safely and effectively. Investing in employee development not only improves practice but also helps staff feel valued and respected.

“I would highly recommend Sands training for healthcare professionals; it has proved invaluable to me not just professionally but personally in helping those around me.”

Growing around grief

This animation explores the grief journey and illustrates how with support and understanding from those around them bereaved families will remember their baby in their own way and find their way to live with their grief.

Play Video about Sands video entitled "A journey: Growing Around Grief"

Sands exists to:

babies’ lives

Ensure excellent
bereavement care and support

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