Training & Education

In-house Training


Sands webinars and workshops are tailor-made training sessions created for specific teams or organisations.



All training is designed to build the confidence and skills to safely and effectively work with those who have experienced pregnancy loss or baby death.


Sands delivers training to the NHS, universities, charities and commercial organisations.

Commonly requested topics include:

  • Bereavement Care
  • Breaking bad news
  • PMRT and engaging parents in reviews
  • Communication skills
  • Enabling informed choice
  • National Bereavement Care Pathway
  • Supporting pregnancy following loss
  • Bereavement in the workplace
  • Staff wellbeing and support

Contact us for more details or to book a bespoke training session.

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    “I would highly recommend Sands training for healthcare professionals; it has proved invaluable to me not just professionally but personally in helping those around me.”
    Jodie, Midwife​