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Training for healthcare professionals

Our training for healthcare professionals is designed for anyone working with parents and families at any time during the perinatal period and beyond.  We have a range of training opportunities available for experienced staff and students alike. 

Training is available as a full-day workshop, a half-day workshop or as a live 2-hour webinar.  Our sessions are delivered in house for your team or cohort at a venue of your choice.

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If your specific training needs are not covered above, feel free to get in touch.
We’re happy to collaborate with you in designing a training session tailored to your team or
organisation’s requirements.

As a charity we charge training fees to cover our costs, however, enabling high-quality care is our aim so if
budget is an issue for you please let us know.
Full-day workshop: £650 / Half-day workshop: £450 / 2-hour webinar: £350

Student Midwife workshop

Gain vital insight into caring for families facing perinatal loss, with a focus on developing practical skills and understanding the emotional challenges unique to midwifery. Learn effective communication techniques and self-care strategies to support parents, families and yourself.

Multidisciplinary Team workshop

Strengthen your team's ability to provide compassionate, coordinated care in cases of perinatal loss. This workshop promotes understanding across midwifery, obstetrics, neonatology and gynaecology enhancing collaborative approaches to support grieving families.

Midwife and Maternity Support Worker workshop

Focus on enhancing bereavement care in maternity settings, learning how to effectively support parents and families through perinatal loss. Gain insights into the parent experience and build essential skills of compassionate communication and enabling real informed choice.

Sonographer and Ultrasound Practitioner workshop

Develop vital skills for sensitively delivering news in complex cases, including miscarriage, ectopic and molar pregnancies, stillbirth, and termination for medical reasons. Benefit from expert-led training in compassionate communication, latest bereavement care research, and staff well-being strategies.

Mental Health Practitioner workshop

Focus on providing mental health support for perinatal loss. Enhance your skills in managing complex grief, understanding trauma, and maintaining a balance between professional duties and personal well-being.

Early Pregnancy workshop

Address the specific challenges of providing high quality support for those experiencing miscarriage, molar pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy. Learn tailored communication strategies and care approaches to safely support expectant parents.

Neonatal Care workshop

Explore the nuances of grief and support in neonatal death and learn how to provide compassionate family centred care.  Understand the unique challenges faced by families and how to provide sensitive and empathetic services.

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist workshop

Develop bespoke approaches to bereavement care within obstetrics and gynaecology. Learn to navigate the complexities of sensitive communication and informed decision making during perinatal loss, focusing on both immediate care and long-term well-being.

Health Visitor workshop

Learn how to provide high quality bereavement care for families experiencing pregnancy loss or baby death.  Discover resources and techniques for effective communication and empathetic support.

Skills Workshop: Thinking outside the memory box

Consider the bereavement pathway from the parent perspective, gain insights into the impact of trauma and the importance of memory. Learn how to work with grieving parents and families in a psychologically safe way.

Skills Workshop: Perinatal post-mortem consent conversations

Master the skills needed for sensitive conversations about perinatal post-mortem. Focus on ethical considerations, informed consent, and empathetic communication, equipping you to support parents during these importance decisions.

University of West London, Postgraduate Module (CPD Level 7): Caring for Families Experiencing Perinatal Loss

This course, developed by the University of West London, in collaboration with Sands, is designed to empower healthcare professionals with the knowledge, skills, and compassionate approach required to support families navigating perinatal loss. Accredited and rooted in the Perinatal Loss Proficiency Framework, the module serves as a stepping stone towards further academic and professional advancement in the field and upon completion can be used as a standalone qualification or applied towards further study in related programs.

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