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Antenatal Care


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Bereavement Care

Expectant parents are given devastating news at an ultrasound or following further investigation during the antenatal period.

Pregnancy loss at any gestation has a profound impact on expectant parents. Gestation influences medical care however gestation does not dictate the psychological impact on expectant parents. Sensitive communication, compassion, honesty, and enabling informed choices are key to helping expectant parents safely navigate their way through their loss.

Pregnancy Following Loss

Many people will go on to get pregnant again soon after their loss and this subsequent pregnancy is an extremely anxious time for many.

Some will require additional medical attention during the antenatal period but all will require antenatal care that is sensitive to their past experience. Expectant parents need professionals to know how to acknowledge their pregnancy loss or their baby who died without causing further distress. A trusting relationship between health care teams and expectant parents helps reduce anxiety and make pregnancy as psychologically safe as possible.

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“A really refreshing and meaningful discussion on a very delicate topic in a positive way. Thank you!”

Healthcare professional

Training topics for antenatal care

  • Communication skills
  • Understanding grief and trauma in relation to baby loss
  • Breaking bad news
  • Informed choice conversations
  • Supporting parents as they make difficult decisions
  • Using sensitive and appropriate language
  • Pregnancy following loss & the needs of parents
  • Implementing the National Bereavement Care Pathway (England and Scotland)
  • Staff and team wellbeing