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Neonatal Care

Palliative Care

No parent is ever prepared to make palliative care or end of life decisions for their baby. Often they will look to healthcare professionals to support and guide them through this heart-breaking time.  

Neonatal wards are unique: parents are not visitors, but rather are partners in caring for their baby meaning that neonatal staff perform the complex role of providing medical care for babies and working with parents. Empathy, sensitive communication and enabling informed choice isn’t always easy when emotions are high but these skills are essential when working with parents on the neonatal ward.

Bereavement Care

The sad fact of working in neonatal care is that some babies die.

Some babies in neonatal care may sadly die. For some parents this devastating news may come as a shock, for others their baby’s death may be expected but all parents will have a very unique experience, so parent-led care that caters for their personal, cultural and religious beliefs is important. Best practice is to apply the principles of bereavement care before and after their baby dies to ensure that the memories parents have with their baby are ones that can be cherished forever.

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“Staff there gave us 6 days with our son, in those 6 days we got to make a lifetime of memories, I’m forever grateful to them for that.”

Bereaved dad

Training modules for neonatal services

  • Communication skills for end-of-life decision-making conversations
  • Supporting palliative care decisions
  • Breaking bad news
  • Enabling informed choices
  • Bereavement care
  • Supporting memory making before and after death
  • National Bereavement Care Pathway (England and Scotland)